Yellow Rose Distilling


Yellow Rose Distilling

Our Whiskey Making Process

While many folks have made it out to our distillery, we figured it would be fun to show the rest of you how our products are created from scratch.


1. Mashing: After we grind up our corn and barley, the first step is making our legendary sweet corn mash.  This will provide a solid foundation for a great tasting bourbon.  We like the sweetness of our corn and believe it separates us from many of the more traditional sour mash Kentucky bourbons.  During this part of the process, the starch from the corn is turned into sugar.


2. Fermentation:  The mash is then fermented for several days to allow the sugar to turn into alcohol.

3. Distillation: Outlaw Bourbon is distilled twice to create a smooth flavorful product.


4. Barreling:  You can’t stop with distillation, to create bourbon the clear whiskey must be barreled and aged in new  charred American oak barrels.  We use small barrels to create a unique flavor profile.


5. Blending and Bottling:  At last we empty the barrels and proof down the whiskey to perfection.  We slap on the Yellow Rose label, modeled after a true Texas belt buckle, and get this stuff sent to your local store.  Check us out in stores soon, we know you will find this Texas Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey something special!



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