Yellow Rose Distilling


Houston Farris


Houston Farris We are very proud to introduce Yellow Rose Distilling’s very own mixologist, Mr. Houston Farris. Houston’s philosophy of mixology, as it were, is that the best cocktails not only unlock the potential of their base, but also tell a creative story.  He approaches his recipes by giving particular attention to seasonal produce and local flavors, as well as a respectful nod to history and culture, which ultimately showcases the heritage Yellow Rose Distilling also draws from: individuality, entrepreneurship, and free-spiritedness. Presently an up-and-coming bartender in the local community, Houston has found the cocktail culture to be the perfect expression for his natural love of people, stories, and gatherings. To that end, he recently led a successful beverage program from downtown Houston’s Hotel Icon bar, where Yellow Rose spirits and cocktails were prominently featured on a seasonally rotating menu. Living in the city of his namesake with his wife and son, Houston enjoys not only spending time with his family, but also continuing to learn about the wonderful intricacies of spirits, as well as exploring the beautiful state of Texas.

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