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We love it when customers send us stories about how they may have found out about Yellow Rose, or how they enjoyed their last bottle.  Below are some of our favorites.
If you want, feel free to send us a note as well. We would enjoy hearing from you!



Hello, This past week my Son gave me a bottle of your Yellow Rose for my 89th birthday.  Due to my many years on this earth I’ve had adequate experience sampling the many good (and bad) Whiskeys.  I rate yours as excellent and enjoyed every sip.  If interested, my bottle is marked batch 1 and bottle #1287.  Good luck in your future, but with your quality you won’t need a lot of luck.

– JR, Marble Falls, TX

I bought my first Yellow Rose bottle this week.  I enjoyed it very much!!  Great to see your successes…cheers!

– Gene, Houston, TX

Just had my first glass of Outlaw. Great stuff. Are you guys still in Pinehurst or have you moved to the Galleria area yet?

– H. Davis, Houston, TX

Well you guys need to hurry up and get it over here! It would sell a treat. The english/scots love a good drink. I know of a few scottish hotels that would immediatley purchase some if they could get their hands on it!  I’m a firm beleiver if you don’t ask you don’t get, How about showing some of that southern hospitality and shipping a bottle over?

– Helen, Somewhere in Europe

That is awesome!!  I love the fact that y’all are using the old smaller copper still.  I  will also do my best to promote y’all in the Boerne Texas area, after I sample it tonight of course.

– Jed, Boerne, TX

Enjoying inaugural Houston Mule – half a lime, shot of YR, in highball filled with crushed ice, topped with ginger beer…great summer drink!

– John, Houston, TX

I have already purchased a second bottle of the blended because It is so nice – so it is my new standard. Without testing side by side – your blended is far superior to the other 2 I just mentioned.

– John T. , Houston, TX



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