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What are cookies?
A cookie is a file that is downloaded and stored on the user’s computer when accessing certain web pages, to store and retrieve information about the browsing that is done from that computer.

They are essential for the operation of the Internet, providing benefits for interactive service delivery, making it easier for you to browse and use our website. Please note that cookies cannot damage your equipment and that in turn they are enabled to identify and resolve errors.

You may configure your browser to notify or reject the installation of cookies sent by the website.

Remember, cookies cannot damage your computer, and instead help us to improve usability and identify and resolve errors. They also do not help us to identify you or collect personal data.

The cookies we use
Our website uses the following types of cookies:





Prevents further display of the age gate once it has been successfully passed.



Checks whether the browser has cookies enabled.

Session cookie


Prevents further display of the home page video once the user has visited the site for the first time.


_ga (Google Analytics)

Analyses information about the visit, time, sections visited, clicks and where they have come from to help improve our service.



A Google Analytics cookie that distinguishes users.


Type 1: Statistical analysis
These are cookies that, processed either by us or by third parties, quantify the number of visitors and statistically analyse how users use our services. These allow us to study how users browse our website and improve the offering of products or services we offer. These cookies will not be associated with any personal data that can identify the user, giving information about the browsing behaviour anonymously.

Type 2: Performance improvement
This type of cookies preserves your preferences for certain tools or services so you don’t have to reconfigure them every time you visit our portal and, in some cases, may be provided by third parties. Examples of these types of cookies include: adjusting the volume of audio visual players, sorting preferences for compatible video playback speeds or items. In the case of e-commerce, they allow you to keep information about your shopping cart.

Type 3: Geolocation
These cookies are used by programs that attempt to geographically locate the situation of the connected computer, smartphone, tablet or TV, in a totally anonymous way to provide you with more appropriate content and services.

Type 4: Other 3rd Party:
On some of our pages, as via social media links that allow sharing of our content, Third party cookies may be installed to manage and improve the services they provide.

Can you allow then, block or delete them?
You can allow, block or delete the cookies installed on your computer by setting up the options of the browser installed on your computer. Please, read the help section of your browser carefully to learn more about how to activate “private mode” or unlock certain cookies.

Internet Explorer: You can view Microsoft support or Browser Help.
Firefox: You can view Mozilla support or Browser Help.
Chrome: You can view Google support or Browser Help.
Safari: You can view Apple support or Browser Help.

However, disabling all cookies will affect the function of our website; for example, you will lose the ability to stay logged in or keep items in your shopping cart.

DIEGO ZAMORA would like to point out that the variety of cookies appearing on this website may not be related to the management and maintenance of the same, which is why it regularly reviews and aligns its Cookie Policy.

DIEGO ZAMORA assumes no liability for any legal or technical issues caused by the User’s failure to comply with any recommendations. This communication is made for user awareness and use and, accordingly, should not be used for any other purpose.

DIEGO ZAMORA is not responsible for the content and veracity of the third party privacy policies contained in this cookie policy.

Updates and changes to the Cookie Policy.

DIEGO ZAMORA may modify this Cookie Policy based on new functionality, legislative demands, regulations, or for the purpose of adapting such policy to instructions dictated by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Consequently, Users are advised to review it periodically.

Please note that if you have any questions you can send an email to dpo@zamoracompany.com